The “new” analog music–ain’t life grand?

Back in the late 80’s, I jumped on the CD bandwagon big time.  The siren appeal of a medium for my beloved music that was seemingly immune (or nearly so) to the ravages of scratches and skips which had always plagued those beautiful 12 inch disks of vinyl and their work of art covers was just too strong to ignore.

Another seductive feature of CD’s was the seeming greater clarity of the music and the dead quiet of the silences.  It was easy to mistake that sharpness of treble sound due to the equalized and compressed music for quality.  As my experience has grown, I have discovered that what appeared to be so wonderful had turned my much beloved music into a harsh, wearing, fatiguing trial.  My periods of listening to music began to shrink as music fatigue grew.

Added to that, being what could be called an electronics/gadget/technology junkie, I also fell into the home theater world and spent the bulk of my money on obtaining the ultimate home theater system–at least as close as a mere mortal could manage without taking out a second mortgage.

THX–baby, I was there from the early days, I still own my Pioneer VSX-36TX THX Ultra receiver, and my 7 Definitive Technology speakers (2 X BP-30, 4 X BP-2, CLR-2000) plus 2 Pinnacle Digital 600 subwoofers).  No longer in my collection is my super-amp, the Earthquake CineNova 5 channel-300 watt/channel, 120 lb monster.

Being basically unsatisfied with what I was hearing–especially in the music to which I listened. I have gradually migrated back to 2-channels.  The beauty and simplicity of quality stereo music reproduction reproduced with top of the line vintage (60’s, 70’s, and 80’s) amplifiers and receivers and the warmth of an analog source like tape or the much maligned vinyl of my youth has finally led me back to enjoying my music.

I now live in a world of digital/analog bliss.  New technology has led to analog source being ripped to high resolution digital reproduction maintaining a near perfect reproduction of the warmth and beauty of the analog source with the convenience and portability of digital.  24-bit, 192 khz and 24-bit, 96 khz rips stored in Flac format have provided endless hours of musical bliss and have now led me on this never ending search for the “perfect” analog/digital system.

Enjoy the music!